Virtual Assistant Jobs in the Philippines

Virtual Assistant Jobs in the Philippines

Virtual Assistant Jobs in the Philippines

Virtual assistants can help you and most importantly your business or company flourish affordably and efficiently. Either way, in this article, we have compiled the various virtual assistant jobs in the Philippines to give you an idea what Filipino workers have to offer you.Without further ado, let’s get started.

List of Virtual assistant Jobs in the Philippines

1. Virtual Administrative Assistant

The job of a virtual administrative assistant is to assist an onshore team on varied administrative as well as clerical task maintaining an independent and initiative judgment.

In addition to that, they also assist their clients when it comes to mailing and printing, copying, and even travel management. However, virtual administrative assistants are also responsible for arranging conferences and meetings and booking for hotels or workplaces.


2. Property Management VA

The duties of property management virtual assistants are the following:

  • Receive applications from possible customers and check if the requirements are complete.
  • Receive maintenance and repair requests
  • Make sure that all the communications are being replied in a well-timed manner
  • Does any work associated jobs given by the clients

3. Call Center Agents

The Philippines is considered the “Call Center Capital” of the world. The main duty of these workers collects client information by means of answering phone calls. They are also verifying information and interviewing clients.

Call center agents, on the other hand, accomplish sales as well as organization mission by means of completing associated results as wanted.

4. SEO or Search Engine Optimization Virtual Assistants

With the help of these virtual assistants, you will be able to free up more time. As a matter of fact, they have a very important role in your business.

SEO virtual assistants can help you when it comes to implementing valuable keywords on your site from Google Trends and Google Analytics.

Apart from that, they can also help you a lot in finding the keywords your competitors are using. They can also do research in order to find out what your competitors are offering as well as rates to stay competitive.

Either way, there are lots of good reasons why hiring an SEO virtual assistant is worth considering. However, if you’re planning to hire one from the Philippines you can visit for professional virtual assistants.

5. Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

While you are focusing on meeting the needs of your clients, it is very important that you take care of the bookkeeping and accounting functions at your business as well.

If you’re a business owner and don’t have enough time to work on your bookkeeping and accounting functions hiring a bookkeeping virtual assistant from the Philippines is a good idea.

Either way, a bookkeeping virtual assistant can prepare various financial statements like balance sheet, trial balance, and loss and profit account. Furthermore, such as assistants can also process accounts receivable as well as payable transactions.

On the other hand, they check the accuracy of figures and even postings calculated by other people.

6. Copywriters

Copywriters can actually help you in turning your business or company from plain to an excellent one. They can transform the whole feel and sound of your business thru your online copy and content.

Moreover, they can help to define your services and products to various online retail customers in order to increase the ratio of click-to-sale.

Always, keep in mind that low-quality content can turn off clients and stop them from making an acquisition.


There you have it the six virtual assistant jobs in the Philippines. Nevertheless, when hiring a virtual assistant make sure to look for a reliable and skilled one that can help you in accomplishing your business goals.