The Staircase Guest Blogging Strategy

The Staircase Guest Blogging Strategy

The Staircase Guest Blogging Strategy

Our startup journey has proven it – that guest blogging is king, queen and all other aces in content marketing. Well, guest blogging lets you share expertise and even build an authority in the industry. And also, the backlinks you receive to your own website helps your SERP rankings.

We began from Chanty scratch. Because of the staircase visitor running a blog technique I’m about to share, we controlled to get our per month visitors from zero to five-digit numbers is not up to a year.

A visitor that is running a blog is no longer new. There are heaps of articles sharing visitor running a blog best possible practices. There are also quite lots of posts instructing you tips on how to write for top-tier assets. Otherwise, it is exhausting to seek out assets that inform you via all the procedure – from the time of making a decision to have the benefit of visitor running a blog, to in reality getting revealed on Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Fortuitously, our team has completed this journey from A to Z. Just a year pass by, most of our team had no idea how to create a blog post. But, as of today, we have written for well-known blogs such as Foundr, GoDaddy, Search Engine Journal, SemRushm, Marketo, and more others. We set the bar prime in the very beginning. Our grand milestone used to be an Entrepreneur. Because of the staircase visitor that runs a blog technique, my visitor submits for Entrepreneur used to be revealed only some weeks ago. Now that our mission has been completed; it is time for me to share with you the step-by-step process.

What is the staircase guest blogging strategy?

In a rundown, the staircase guest blogging strategy is about writing high-quality content for third-party blogs. Whilst, gradually increasing the quality of the platforms you are writing for – like climbing the stairs. In which, you start by picking the low-hanging fruit and pitching the ‘reasonably popular’ blogs. The contest and the editorial calendar for these platforms are not too intense. That, once you build a writing portfolio, you’ll be able to raise the bar higher and pitch more popular blogs with your next article.

Though actually, it sounds simple, there are plenty of pitfalls along the way. Therefore, let’s dig deeper.

1. Start a loveable blog

2. Put the content quality in the heart of your strategy

3. Find the low-hanging fruit

Here are two ways to do this:

  • Make a Google search for ‘guest blogging opportunities + keyword/industry’. You’ll find a number of articles like this one with a long list of platforms that accept guest posts.
  • Make a Google search for ‘inurl:write-for-us + keyword/industry’ (e.g. inurl:write-for-us digital marketing). This will bring you directly to the writers’ guidelines page of those websites where guest writers are welcome.

4. Check the traffic and domain rating

5. Send a good guest article pitch

If ever the blog you want to write for doesn’t go into detail on pitching requirements, follow this simple formula:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Make sure you have a full name and a photo next to your email
  • Suggest several topics you wish to write about
  • Include clickable urls to your writing examples

6. Get published

7.Raise the bar higher

8.…. and higher

Final Words

You should always keep the content quality in mind, both when writing a guest post or an article on your company blog. The staircase guest blogging strategy is for those who have valuable insights to share with the world, not for blatantly building backlinks. It’s for those who are ready to invest their time in researching topics in-depth and reflecting their personal insights.

It’s not about hiring a $10-per-post freelancer — it’s about putting your heart into every article. At the end of the day, it’s the one and only way to get to the top-tier publications. Now, it’s your turn to make it to the Entrepreneur. I’m confident you can do it. Good luck!