Q&A of Lost Anonymous Google Reviews

Q&A of Lost Anonymous Google Reviews

Q&A of Lost Anonymous Google Reviews

Have you recently noticed the sudden drop of your Google review counts?Then, later on, realized that a few your actual reviews had been gone missing too? If you want to know if the sudden removal of reviews was part of Google’s action during the month of May. Then you should continue reading down below in this article.

Q: What Happened to My Google Reviews?

Google began removing reviews, which are left by “A Google User”, from the total review counts on 23rd of May, 2018. For a brief period, the anonymous reviews were still around but were removed later on from the display.

Q: How Can I Know If I was Affected by this Action?

If you had reviews that were left by “A Google User” profile, and those reviews are no longer displayed, that’s how you can distinguish why your total review count has been dropping.

Q: The Lost Reviews weren’t from “A Google User” profiles. What Happened to it?

If the lost reviews weren’t from anonymous profiles, you should investigate what has caused it. It may include:

  • Received too many reviews at the same time
  • Reviews that stems from a review station at your business
  • Incentive or have paid for reviews, which are either directly or by an unethical marketer
  • Objectionable content in the body of reviews
  • Reviewing own content
  • Has violated some of Google’s review guidelines
  • The reviews left were from your same IP
  • Settings were set to prohibit negative review

Q: Is this a Positive or a Negative Action?

It depend on the number of reviews you lost. When in terms of review count rating, the sudden loss of reviews may have placed you behind your competitors, which isn’t good. But If the loss of negative anonymous reviews has improved your star rating, then that is great news for you.

Q: Will the Removal of Anonymous Reviews Change my Review Strategy?

No, and we empathize with frustrated business owners over the loss of reviews, which they were proud of and worked hard for. Actions like these serve as an important reminder to local businesses that Google owns it, and they can always manage in any way that they see best for Google.

Q: What Should Google Do About Review Spam?

Whether you have listed your business or not, it would still end up in the local business index of Google. As for the review spam, it should Google’s problem to fix, especially if they are:

  • Committed to their earnings, which are based on the public’s trust towards their review corpus.
  • Committed to the best user experience that protects consumers from fake reviews.
  • Keen to stop treating businesses, which their products are structured as an unnecessary scheme of things.

Now, let’s look at this “A Google User” reviews removal action as first step of heading in the right direction. But if you had Google’s attention, what would you suggest them to do next in fighting off review spam? Voice out your opinions, we would love to hear them.