Local Pages: Are They Worth Considering?

Local Pages: Are They Worth Considering?

Local Pages: Are They Worth Considering?

Whether you market or own a local business, making local pages on your site really make sense. Local pages are pages from an international and national business which are location-specific.

However, if you can’t decide whether such pages are right for you or not then you have come to the right place. Here, we will outline a four-step process that can surely aid you in making a great decision.

Discover or know your main transactional terms

For sure, you already have an idea what your main transactional terms are. Knowing such terms is very important. Because whatever comes up you do not want to finish off making local pages for many various keyword kinds because it is going to expand your website. Probably you just have to select one or more main transactional terms which you are going to structure the local alternatives.

Classify your keywords as explicit, near me, or implicit and then log the search volumes

Let us directly say that “SEO jobs” is your keyword. You want to find out what the explicit, near me, and implicit versions of your keyword and their various volumes are.

However, the implicit version of your term is simply “SEO jobs”. If you open your browser and search for this term you’ll definitely find lots of results that are locally oriented since it’s a discreetly local term.

Your explicit version,on the other hand, should look like this, “SEO Jobs in the Philippines”, “SEO jobs in Seattle” and so forth. Make sure to keep it simple, since you are not going to obtain a whole coverage of various locations.

Look at the SERPs or Search Result Pages to check if the local pages are ranking

Since you’ve already classified your keywords, let’s now find out what type of results are going to work fine for what type of keywords. Because if local pages are the solution you may want to make some.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the SERP of your keyword which “SEO jobs”, you will see SEO jobs Glassdoor, SEO jobs in Seattle from Indeed, and SEO jobs Seattle times.

On the other hand, if the location is indicated in the domain as well as in the URL, then that is a local business. But often, it is only a rule of thumb, meaning if the place is indicated in the URL but not in the domain you’re certain that you have got local pages.

Compare and choose where to concentrate your efforts

To do this, you just need to sort the various results that you have got. However, you don’t have to be very precise. You are looking to obtain a balanced directional sign of what would be valuable here. Nevertheless, in the given example above, building local pages for the explicit terms is worth considering.


There you have it, the four-step process of determining whether you need local pages or not. Hopefully, this content can help you a lot in making the right decision in the future.